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*** Kevin de Leon has been endorsed for U.S. Senate by the CDP ***

Never before have we seen an American President degrade our national standing so shamelessly as President Trump did in Helsinki on Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump can try to backtrack, but he has always defended Russia over our Democracy. With the latest indictments and his own actions in Russia, it’s clear that President Trump has committed treason against the United States.

That’s why I’m calling on leaders in Congress to defend our nation and file articles of impeachment against President Trump — please join me today.

Trump is a threat to our national security, and cannot be trusted to put the American people’s safety and prosperity before his own.

In addition to filing articles of impeachment, Congressional leadership should move this week to protect special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

I am committed to helping achieve this now, and if elected, on the floor of the U.S. Senate — please add your name if you’re with me.

Empty words of outrage and hollow resolutions won’t cut it.

We can’t afford to wait.

We must take serious action now.

We must protect our nation from this President at all costs.

We must impeach President Trump — add your name if you agree.

If we work our hearts out in 2018, I know we can safeguard our country from this treasonous tyrant.


Thanks for everything you’re doing,