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Bobby Bliatout for Congress

My name is Bobby Bliatout.

I’m the son of Hmong refugees, a family man, and I work to provide quality health care to patients regardless of economic and social status. I also just announced my campaign to take on Representative Devin Nunes in California’s 22nd Congressional District.

I strongly believe that I am the right person at the right time to beat Nunes. But in order to do that we need to build a grassroots coalition to put together the resources necessary to defeat him in 2020.

I’m ready to take on Devin Nunes, but I can’t do this without supporters like you. Make sure that we can take back California’s 22nd Congressional District by chipping in $5 or more to help us launch this campaign.

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I grew up in the Central Valley. As the son of refugees, times were often tough. But I don’t believe in making excuses and I love my community. I am 100 percent committed to ensuring that we restore leadership to our congressional seat. Haven’t we had enough of Devin Nunes making excuses for Donald Trump and providing only conspiracy theories to resolve the challenges that face our community?

It’s time to replace Devin Nunes with someone who will advocate progressive values, respect the rule of law and most importantly fight for the people of the Valley — not just the D.C. politicians.

I’m ready for this challenge, but I need to know you’re with me. Can I count on you to make sure we’re ready to take on Devin Nunes in 2020 by chipping in $5 or more?

Thank you,

Bobby Bliatout