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I won’t lie to you and tell you that we can stop climate change and its effects. What I will tell you is that we have a bold, aggressive plan to rethink how we address it and build a new economy — a green economy — around it.


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It’s easy to feel despair when we see our oceans filled with plastic waste, natural disasters becoming more frequent and more deadly, and our vital ecosystems like the Amazon being purposefully decimated to make way for unsustainable methods of making money.

I won’t lie to you and tell you that we can stop climate change and its effects.  What I will tell you is that we have a bold, aggressive plan to rethink how we address it and build a new economy — a green economy — around it.

Please read my plan below and add your name here if you’re ready to stand with me and fight for a new green economy.  This is big change, and it’s going to take a lot of people standing with me to fight for it.

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Climate change is an existential threat to humanity.  We’re too late to prevent a lot of the damage already created.  It’s now time to adapt and thrive.  Here’s how:

Adapt to the changes already underway.

Climate change and sea-level rise will force thousands of Americans to leave their homes.  The communities hit hardest are already disadvantaged by their socioeconomic positions.  We must change how FEMA responds to these catastrophes and allow for the sustainable rebuilding of our infrastructure.  It’s imperative we assist people in migrating to safer areas escaping sea-level rise and mass floods, drought, fire, and earthquakes.

Use geoengineering to cool the planet.

Even if we are able to get net emissions down to zero tomorrow, the planet will continue to warm.  We need to invest in and research solutions to cool the planet.  The U.S. needs to be the world leader in research and geoengineering technologies — from planting massive quantities of trees to seeding clouds to reflect more sunlight.  We cannot allow other countries to make these important decisions for us.

Move to a green economy.

A new green, sustainable economy and society will be built in the coming years.  The question is do we want the United States to make it?  Or do we want to buy it from other countries?  The United States must reprioritize in order to make green energy and technology an American staple.  Shifting the location of the world’s energy source to the United States will boost America’s economy, take and reallocate power from Big Oil, and remove a massive source of revenue from terrorist organizations around the world. This plan must be a sustained, coordinated campaign to create solutions based on each industry’s specific needs.  Our sector-by-sector plans include:

  • Energy.  We will end fossil fuel subsidies and public-land leases and actively oppose new infrastructure that isn’t sustainable.  We will rebuild our rural towns by moving the focus from coal plants to renewable, clean energy creators.  We will force the business sector into a race to the top to create energy solutions that will drive our economy.
  • Transportation.  We will implement new emissions standards requiring a fully electric vehicle suite with models starting by 2030.  That means a large public investment in charging stations and grants to move public transportation options to renewable sources of energy and an investment in biofuels for air travel.
  • Agriculture.  In this new green economy, we will innovate in sustainable farming techniques coupled with solutions to capture methane emissions.
  • Infrastructure.  We must address infrastructure from every angle — from planning to materials to technology that makes concrete carbon-neutral or negative.  By making sustainable infrastructure a priority we will create good-paying jobs that can’t be automated or exported. 

Build a green world.

Our standing in the world is a powerful responsibility.  At the bare minimum, we must reenter the Paris Agreement — no brainer.  We must also use our leverage as the world’s largest economy to force other countries to also take aggressive, swift action to halt global emissions, renegotiate trade deals to meet our environmental standards, and stifle harmful projects.

As President, I will set an attainable goal of an economy-wide net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2049 with stepping stones set for 20×30 and 2040. Anything less is no longer realistic and downright dangerous.

Join me in support of my bold climate action plan and let’s fight together for the green world we need to survive and thrive.


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– Andrew Yang




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