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Just look at what this administration has accomplished:

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America is back on track thanks to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Thank You Democrats!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! It’s been 100 days since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took office and they gave the American people a promise: Help is on the way.

Now, 100 days into his administration, Biden and Democrats have delivered real, tangible results for the American people and their families, beginning with direct payments of up to $1,400 and resources to help manufacture and equitably distribute vaccines.

Honestly, we cannot emphasize enough how huge this is to put Americans back on track and it’s all because you worked so hard in 2020. Thanks to you, we have something powerful: momentum. We can keep building on these successes with your recurring grassroots donations — can we count on you to chip in $5 monthly?
DONATE $5 ONCE » But that’s not it, Michael — The Biden Administration has…

  • Passed the strongest actions on gun safety in 20 years
  • Distributed $3,600 in tax credits per child
  • Built a clean energy future — leaving a legacy of success for our planet
  • Delivered 160 million checks and 220 million shots

America is back on track — let’s keep it that way.


-California Democrats

DONATE NOW Our Democratic leaders are working hard to make California a better place to live. From fighting for good-paying jobs, combating climate change, to expanding healthcare access so all Californians can lead safe, healthy, prosperous lives — California’s Democratic leaders turn progressive ideas into meaningful action.

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