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*** Andrew Janz has been endorsed for CD-22 by the CDP ***

Andrew Janz is a candidate for Congress in District 22 in California who is running against Devin Nunes. While KRL doesn’t publicly endorse any candidates, I had the chance to meet Janz before the primary elections and I liked what I saw and heard so I decided to ask him some questions that I think our readers would be interested in. Some questions will be typical, and some may be ones you don’t hear asked all the time. To learn more about Andrew Janz and his stands on more of the issues you can visit his website, which I highly encourage you to do-an informed voter is the best kind of voter. I also encourage everyone who hasn’t yet, to register to vote. Voting is one of the most important things we can do as an American!

Editor’s Note: This interview was done before the current horrible situation at the borders with the migrant children being separated from their parents or else I would have asked about that situation as well.

Listen to the interview here