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Here’s My Disclosures, Now Show Me Yours.

If we want long lasting unity in this party, we need to build trust in this party. One part of building that trust is through transparency.

We received so many positive responses from the delegates, I have to share one with you: “As responsible Citizens of this great country and as elected delegates representing their region to the California Democratic party, they have asked themselves if the current U.S. Presidency doesn’t have the right to stonewall all requests to release his financial records, then shouldn’t that be applied to anyone who portends to lead our Party in the next years and into greatness? Where there is such resistance in sharing their financial records with the people under his or her watch, what are they hiding from the delegation?” (minimal paraphrasing).
Asked to push for financial disclosure from the candidates irrespective of the outcome, you have my word I will continue this fight. Today I release my own records.

For those that want to lead and change this party we must be transparent. Here is my tax filing fully disclosing to the IRS I was opening a campaign committee for this inner party race. I have not raised $25,000.00 nor do I plan to in this race and the IRS does not require Form 8872 until I do so. I have not taken any PAC or corporate donations.

Here is my most recent filed tax return so no conflict of interest or potential bias in the way I will lead. I filed an extension for this year. 

As your next Chair, you can trust me that when I say that I owe no one in this party and no one owns me, it is verified. This transparency leads to the type of trust that can unify us all. That is how we level up, advance and rise so all members get a seat at the table!



The Time For Change Is Now

After the emails went out a small fraction of the Party said they didn’t want disclosure, mostly coming from the CADEM FB group. However, a substantial portion of the delegation wanted a change in the Rules for full disclosure and transparency before they vote.

So the delegates came together to create a rough draft proposal and presented it to Garry Shay today. It states:

  • In order to qualify to have your name placed on the ballot for Chair of the California Democratic Party, the Candidate must furnish the Candidate’s IRS tax forms if opting to file for tax exempt status including reporting all donations and expenses incurred in the race. If the Candidate opts to be taxed the Candidate must file CDP approved forms detailing all Chair campaign donations and expenses which will be made available for the delegation to review online before casting their ballot.  The filings must be made quarterly and one filing seven days prior to the election and the next interim filing 24 hours prior to the election. The candidate must sign a pledge that the Candidate will use best efforts to timely file all required tax documents relating to their campaign for Chair at the time they apply to run for the position.  If a Candidate fails to comply, they are disqualified from having their name on the ballot. The candidate should, but not is required to disclose their most recent tax returns and show that an extension, if applicable was filed for the election year. If disqualification is not discovered until after the vote that the Candidate did not qualify, then the Candidate’s seat is revoked. The election will have to be held at the next regularly scheduled Convention.

 We have our share of whiners in the party, we also have our share of problem solvers, too

I have been asked to push for financial disclosure from the candidates irrespective of the outcome. And I will proudly join you in that effort to do so.

In closing, I am not anti-anybody. Ellis could have solved this problem by showing us her tax returns and filing her campaign form disclosures with the IRS. I am here to clean up my party so it works fairly and openly for all of us.

Lenore Albert
Candidate for CDP Chair 

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