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This week we learned that President Trump pressured the government of Ukraine to dig up dirt on one of his Democratic opponents. Now, I’m wondering where you stand on the impeachment question.

Beto for America


I have said that I support impeachment since August of 2017. It was not something that I took lightly. But while others said it was politically dangerous or that we should wait and see how it polls first, I believed that we had to make it clear that no person in America is above the law — no matter how high up their position of public trust. 

Well this week, more than two years later, we learned another troubling thing about President Trump’s lawless behavior. New reporting finds that he pressured the government of Ukraine to dig up dirt on one of his Democratic opponents. As you know, it’s just the latest in a string of abuses
of power. 

Last election, Trump invited Russia to attack our democracy on live television. When it actually happened, he obstructed the investigation into it. And when reporter George Stephanopoulos asked him in the Oval Office if he would accept foreign help once again, Trump said, “I think I’d take it.” 

If we don’t act now, we could very well lose our democracy. We will be setting the irreversible precedent that presidents can break our laws, obstruct justice, and still face no consequences.

With the newest revelation about Trump and Ukraine, the question surrounding impeachment has become even more urgent. So I need to hear from you on this today — can you let me know where you stand on impeaching Donald Trump?

Should Congress move forward with impeachment?



I’m hearing from people about this president everywhere I go. He is threatening our democracy but he is also threatening so much more — whether it’s our health care, our environment, our communities of immigrants, our economy, or our safety as he continues to cozy up to the NRA instead of doing anything to stop the fact that nearly 40,000 Americans die each year from gun violence. 

I’m listening to Democrats, Republicans, independents, and folks who couldn’t care less about political labels. Most people that I meet are extremely concerned about our lawless president, and they’re wondering why Congress hasn’t done anything to stop him. I agree, but I want to know if you do too. 

I hope to hear from you today given that this is time sensitive. Let me know where you stand on impeaching Donald Trump and finally getting some accountability and justice in our democracy.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me today,



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