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Kamala Harris

Tonight we’re going to hear from a president who has proven himself and his administration to be self-serving, self-centered, and dishonest. I could spend my time with you right now talking about all he’s done to divide Americans and leave working people behind to give a hand out to his 1% donors, but you already know all about that.

So instead of focusing on Trump’s speech tonight, I want to share a different vision for the future of our country:

Imagine for a moment that every single person is guaranteed health care and that no family has to choose between life-saving medicine and putting food on the table.

Imagine a country where immigrants and refugees and their families are welcomed and allowed to contribute — not attacked by politicians to score cheap political points.

Imagine a country where women’s voices are heard and valued, where they are paid equally in their jobs and represented equally in our government, and where our rights and our access to health care are not under constant threat.

Imagine an economy where the minimum wage is an actual living wage — and no person who works 40 hours a week is forced to live in poverty.

Imagine a country where our supposed leaders don’t attempt to divide us by making disparaging comments about communities of color.

Imagine a future where people can go to college without being weighed down by mountains of debt that traps them in a devastating cycle of loans that follows them for decades.

Imagine a government that prioritizes justice and equality once again — that expands voting rights, reforms our broken criminal justice system, and fosters real economic opportunity for ALL Americans, not just the top 1%.

That’s the America I’m fighting for every single day in the Senate; a picture of the country you won’t hear Trump talk about tonight.

It’s the kind of America we have the chance to make our shared reality when we take back Congress in November. We have a long fight ahead of us, but I believe there is nothing more powerful than a group of determined sisters, brothers, and friends working and fighting together for what’s right.

So tonight, and I know this can be difficult sometimes, please focus on why you joined our fight in the first place. You have a powerful voice that is capable of creating great change in your community and in our country. Continue using it this year and in the years to come and I believe that the arc of the moral universe will bend closer toward justice.

Thanks for all you do,

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California