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Gillibrand 2020

Fresno Democratic, imagine what we could achieve with a working mother in the White House instead of a misogynist.

Imagine the progress we could make with a diverse cabinet of Americans who actually reflect why we are a great country.

Imagine the agenda we could pass, not just with women at the table, but with a woman at the head of the table:

Paid family leave. Reproductive rights protected and guaranteed. Affordable daycare. Equal pay for equal work. An economy that works for everyone. A serious plan to tackle climate change.

That’s my vision for America, and it’s why I’m running for president. But there’s a long road between me and the White House, and we have to hit fundraising goals like our June end-of-quarter deadline on the way.

Make a donation to my campaign today—you’ll become one of the 130,000 donors I need to qualify for the next round of debates, and you can help us hit our $100,000 fundraising goal for this week to put a working mom in the White House.

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Contributions or gifts to Gillibrand 2020 are not tax-deductible. Gillibrand 2020 does not accept contributions from federal lobbyists, corporate and/or trade association PACs, or “for profit” business entities, including but not limited to sole proprietorships, partnerships, and LLCs.