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Asif Mahmood

Dear Democrat,

I am proud to endorse Dr. Mahmood because he is the best prepared to serve as California’s next Insurance Commissioner.

Dr. Mahmood has been fighting on behalf of Californians for his entire 20-year career as a doctor — he has never charged a patient if they did not have insurance.

Once elected, Dr. Mahmood will continue to be a tireless advocate and a principled leader on Californians’ behalf. He is not beholden to special interests, which is why he is refusing campaign contributions from insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Mahmood knows how to fight for California consumers, plain and simple. That is why I am supporting him in this campaign.

Your support in these last few days before convention are critical. Please join me in supporting Dr. Mahmood with your endorsement vote.

I urge everyone to support my friend and fellow activist, Dr. Asif Mahmood for Insurance Commissioner.

Thank you for your support!


Betty T. Yee
California State Controller

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