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Andrew Janz is running for mayor of Fresno against Devin Nunes’ handpicked Republican. To chip into Andrew’s campaign for mayor, click here. If you would rather not receive emails about Andrew’s campaign for mayor, please click here to unsubscribe.

Andrew Janz for Mayor

I’m emailing you because last week we launched Andrew’s campaign for mayor of Fresno.

The reception to our announcement was AMAZING – seriously we were floored by the feedback! And simply blown away by all the people around the state and country who are committed to electing local leaders in red parts of the country to build our bench of future Democratic champions.

But yesterday we sent you an email to tell you we need 250 new donors to close out our first week of campaigning for mayor — and, well…I’ll be blunt:

Not nearly enough people stepped up!

So please, please, please – chip in whatever you can to keep us from falling short and get Andrew’s grassroots campaign off the ground. >>

Andrew is running to take out a Devin Nunes lackey – and the only way we win is by relying on grassroots donors like you.

So please, whatever you can do to help hit our first goal of the campaign would be so appreciated by Andrew and our team.

Thanks for stepping up,

Mari Harren
Communications Director, Janz for Mayor

Paid for by Janz for Mayor 2020
Paid for by Janz for Mayor 2020
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