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Amy for America
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— Here’s something you might not know about Amy: She’s never lost a race.

That’s not because she’s always been the most well-funded candidate. Amy doesn’t come from money. When she first ran for Senate, Minnesota had never elected a female senator and she had less in the bank than her opponent. 

But Amy won that election and she’s won every race since then — because she has grit, she has bold ideas and she gets things done. When people hear about Amy’s plan to upgrade America’s aging infrastructure, her solutions to lower the high cost of prescription drugs, and the actions she would take to address the climate crisis, they want to vote for her.

If Democrats want to win this election and defeat Donald Trump, we need a candidate who can inspire people and win. That’s Amy. 

Our mid-month deadline is tomorrow and we’re trying to bring in another $75,000 before midnight. Will you make your first donation to help us get Amy’s ideas in front of people?

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