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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Content warning: this email contains references to gun violence that some readers may find upsetting.

Columbine High School. 
Virginia Tech.
Sandy Hook Elementary. 
Mother Emanuel AME Church. 
Las Vegas. 
Tree of Life. 
Each of these places ought to be known for their joy, enlightenment, worship, and togetherness — not for gut-wrenching tragedies after senseless gun violence.
In the days, months, and years since these horrifying moments, as a country, we watched as countless lives were taken by mass shootings and everyday gun violence that ripped through our communities.
I believe no one should feel the tremendous pain of losing a loved one from gun violence. Most of us can agree with that. So, what is stopping us as a country from listening to our conscience and fighting for what’s morally right? 
Here’s the truth, Fresno democratic: we aren’t waiting on solutions to end this violence — the good ideas already exist. But for far too long, we’ve seen the NRA and their backers in Congress put politics over people’s lives. 
I won’t allow them to stand in the way of curbing this epidemic any longer. For months, the NRA and their base have repeatedly attacked our campaign for amplifying the truth about gun violence and the corporate gun lobby. These attacks will only continue, but I choose to lead with courage and refuse to back down from speaking the truth.
That’s why I’m proud to announce the following executive actions on gun violence if Congress fails to act in the first 100 days of my presidency. Here’s our plan:
  • Mandate near-universal background checks by requiring anyone who sells five or more guns per year to run a background check on all gun sales.
  • Revoke the licenses of gun manufacturers and dealers that break the law and take the most egregious offenders to court. 
  • Reverse President Trump’s dangerous change to the definition of “fugitive from justice,” which has allowed thousands of fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants to buy guns.
  • Close the “boyfriend loophole” to prevent dating partners convicted of domestic abuse from buying guns.
Some will say this is “too bold.” But if Congress continues to bury their heads in the sand, our only choice is to take bold action.
For The People,
— Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is not afraid to take on the powerful gun lobby. In her first 100 days as president, if Congress fails to send comprehensive gun safety legislation to her desk, she will take executive action to keep our communities safe.

Read Kamala’s gun safety plan today and share it with your family and friends.