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*** Alex Padilla has been endorsed for Secretary of State by the CDP ***

Democratic Association of Secretaries of State

The fallout from President Trump’s disastrous meeting with Vladimir Putin continues as election security is again front and center in the news. It’s clear the president and Republicans in Congress are not committed to stopping future attacks on our elections. And that’s why we must elect more Democratic Secretaries of State in November.

Our Secretaries are already leading the way to secure our elections, even without action from Trump. Take a look at the top stories from this week and please share with your friends.

WATCH: New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver discusses Trump’s failure in defending the midterm elections from Russian attacks.

Washington Post: House GOP refuses to renew election security funding

New York Times: How the Midterm Elections May Be Compromised

SIGN THE PETITION: Demand Congress fund election security now!

ThinkProgress: If Kavanaugh is confirmed, you can kiss the right to vote goodbye

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