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Forty-three years ago I gave birth to the light of my life. While, like any mom, I knew the sky was the limit for his potential, I never imagined he would be seeking to lead one of the most significant democratic state parties in the nation.

If you’ve ever heard Daraka speak, you’ve probably heard him tell the story of his seeing pictures of his dad pushing him in a stroller at his first protest, or memories of his father in court fighting for the rights of refugees, or our being an interracial family in a time and place where people weren’t always accepting.It was my dad, Daraka‚Äôs grandpa Harold Larimore, who instilled Democratic values in me. Harold was the precinct committeeman for the Democratic Party in a small own in central Illinois. I remember every election day, we baked donuts for all the voters, and dad made sure that every Democrat went to the polls to vote. Those Democractic values of activism, advocacy, and fighting for what’s right Daraka’s brought to our party for the past decade and a half.

Daraka’s track record of always supporting and organizing with rank in file and grassroots members of our party isn’t something he does because it’s politically expedient, it’s because it is in his DNA.

Daraka leading the charge against elected officials when they overreach and try to supersede the powers of the Party; standing up for the rights of renters in repealing Costa Hawkins; and speaking out when our leaders take money from companies like DaVita and Walmart isn’t anything new, he’s done it his whole life.

And when 20 victims of horrendous sexual assaults at the hands of CDP Chairman Eric Bauman came to him, he worked with them to take swift action that resulted in Bauman resigning. He did this not because it was easy, but because it was right.

These reasons and many more are why I am asking you on this mother’s day to support Daraka to be the next California Democratic Party Chair.

Happy Mother’s Day! And moms be sure to hug your kids today.

Jolene Larimore AKA Daraka’s Mom 

P.S. As one of Daraka’s top donors I hope you’ll join me in getting his campaign across the finish line with a contribution of $50 or more today.

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