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Yesterday, I listened to an audio recording of a group of immigrant children who had just been ripped away from their parents at the direction of the Trump administration. The children are sobbing, locked in a cage at a federal detention facility on the border​, and you can hear them scream the words “Mami” and “Papá” over and over again.

As a parent, I listened to those tapes and thought of my children. As a child of immigrants, I thought of my parents, who came from the Dominican Republic to live in this country. I thought about someone separating me from my family. It tore my heart out.

It’s hard to comprehend what’s going on in our country right now. It’s hard to comprehend the cruelty of the Trump administration policy that mandates the separation of children from their parents and has them locked up in cages like animals.

So let’s be very, very clear about this: Donald Trump created this humanitarian disaster. He can fix it and allow these children to be with their families. He doesn’t need an act of Congress to do it, his administration can stop doing this anytime it wants. But even when confronted with the horror of their actions, Trump and his administration have chosen to continue separating children from their parents — and the Republican Party has chosen to stand behind Trump and has failed to act.

What we do in moments like these define us as a country.

We must speak up.

We must show that the actions of this president do not reflect who we are.

We must do everything in our power to defeat every single member of Trump’s party who stands by him while his administration rips families apart.

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Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee