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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

My grandma came to America when she was just seven years old after being separated from her dying mother. 
I watched the pain of never getting to say goodbye haunt her even as a seventy-year-old woman. 
I see her image in the children at our borders today — children as young as infants ripped from their parents, locked in cages, and even “lost” in the system. 
My grandmother’s memory — and this president’s defining failure — has led me to this decision: 
I won’t lie to you:
My proposal is bold. It’s not something any other candidate is going to suggest. But it’s what our country needs.
People First Immigration centers around 3 core principles: 
-No more family separation or children in cages — period.
-Bring DREAMers and other undocumented folks out of the shadows — full stop.
-Address the root causes of migrant crises — this is key.
I promised you that I was the complete antithesis to Donald Trump.
And People First Immigration makes good on that promise.
Talk soon, 
P.S. Tonight I’ll join MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow at 9 PM eastern/8PM central to discuss my vision for a more just, more compassionate immigration system. I hope you’ll tune in and add your name in support of my People First Immigration policy. >>


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