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This morning, after learning that Attorney General Jeff Sessions misled Congress during his confirmation hearings about meetings with Russian officials, I called on him to resign his post immediately.

For weeks now, I have been saying that Jeff Sessions should recuse himself from the investigation into Russian connections with the Trump campaign. Based on strong evidence, his official role on the campaign impairs his ability to be impartial on this critical national security matter.

But his offer to recuse himself – “if necessary” – is not even close to enough. Sessions has done irreparable damage to his integrity and it makes him ineligible to serve as our top law enforcement official. We need your voice in this fight:

Can you add your name to my petition demanding Sessions resign as Attorney General immediately?

Faith in our democracy has been fundamentally damaged, and we need a full accounting of the facts. I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to have an honest, unbiased investigation.

Having Jeff Sessions as our Attorney General is a roadblock to that goal. In the best interest of our country and our democracy, he should resign as Attorney General immediately.

We cannot rest until we know the whole truth and the full extent of Russia’s involvement in our election. Before that can happen, Sessions must resign. Add your name if you agree.

No matter who is in the White House, our national security and our sovereignty must never be influenced by partisanship. Thank you for joining me in this critical fight.

Fight on,

Kamala Harris