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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

TJ Cox for Congress

After much deliberation, and with the encouragement of family, friends, and supporters here in the Central Valley, I’m proud to announce that I’m taking my campaign for Congress to California’s 21st Congressional District.

Believe me, this wasn’t an easy decision. But to my supporters and the new friends I’ve made throughout this campaign, I want you to know that I’ve always been committed to giving this community the representation we need.

The Central Valley is my home. I know every inch of its landscape — the towns, farms, and fields. I’ve spent the last 7 years here investing in projects like community healthcare clinics, job-training, and starting educational facilities. My teams and I were working in these neighborhoods where Wall St. wouldn’t come close, and this work continues.

I’m ready to keep serving this community, and I believe it’s time we had representation in Congress that understands our needs here at home. I can’t do this alone, and I need you to with me in this fight. Can you sign on to reaffirm your support for our campaign?

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Let me be very clear: My decision to move our campaign back to this district is about the thousands of Californians in the Central Valley — from Tranquillity to Arvin — who stand to lose access to health care under the status quo. It’s about the hard-working immigrants who would be torn from their homes and families if this administration gets its way. And it’s about all of us who face a deteriorating social-safety net with the callous cuts to Medicare and Social Security that special interests in Washington keep pushing.

That’s where we’re headed under Donald Trump and his “yes-man” and my opponent — David Valadao.

Right now, a Democrat is well positioned to defeat Jeff Denham in CA-10. But in CA-21 — where I have deep roots — I refuse to let David Valadao off without a fight for betraying our community by voting with Trump 98.5% of the time in Congress. He’s out for the special interests, and we’ve had enough. That’s why I’m in this fight.

I know we can win the 21st. And with your support, we have a chance to make history in the Central Valley by flipping a seat that will be instrumental in winning back the U.S. House.

Stick with me. This journey isn’t over, we’ve only just begun. Sign on to support my campaign to unseat David Valadao and flip California’s 21st district >>

Thank you,

TJ Cox