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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.




This isn’t a radical idea, Michael: health care should be a right, not a privilege for only those who can afford it. That’s why I just released my plan to create a Medicare for All health care system when I’m elected president.

Since Trump took office, more than seven million Americans have lost their health care coverage while many more are forced to choose between life-saving medication and putting food on the table.

I’m going to fix that with my Medicare for All plan:

In our America…

  • You can go to the doctor and know you are covered;
  • Middle-class and low-income families will not shoulder the burden for Medicare for All — Wall Street will;
  • If you need reproductive care…you’re covered;
  • Families with pre-existing conditions are covered, no matter what;
  • You can change jobs and your health coverage goes with you;
  • All Americans will receive the health care they need.

That’s the core of my plan, Michael — but I need you to join me in this fight today if we’re going to pass a Medicare for All plan that guarantees quality health care for every American.

Sign my petition if you support creating a Medicare for All system in America that will lower costs, expand options, and make Wall Street, not middle-class families, bear the brunt of the burden.


This isn’t about ideology. It’s about delivering results for the American people because nothing is more personal than our health care. I know this from my own personal experience, caring for my mother as she battled colon cancer.

It’s important that we get this right and I’m asking you to join me today.

For The People,

— Kamala Harris