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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

In a minute, I’m going to ask you to chip in to support this campaign. But first, I want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what you’ll get to experience when you join our team.
We just wrapped up Cory’s first trips to Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire as a presidential candidate.
So many people came out to meet Cory and talk about what’s on their minds — it really feels like the start of something big. Here’s a quick update on how it all went (and how Cory lost his voice).
The very first person in Iowa to ask Cory a question brought up the Green New Deal — you gotta hear his answer about addressing the hard truths of climate change and climate justice.

Tweet: The first question I was asked in Iowa was about #GreenNewDeal. The hard truth is climate change has imperiled our planet--it's going to take bold action now to save it including dramatic investment in green energy that will create the jobs of the future. We can do this.

From Mason City to Waterloo to Cedar Rapids to Iowa City, Cory shared some laughsand a whole lot of selfies with supporters across the state.

Photo: Cory and supporters around a table talking

Right Direction Ministries welcomed this Jersey boy into their South Carolina flock, and Cory was pretty excited to find a fellow Newarker to worship with.

Photo: Cory Booker at Right Direction Ministries

And if you want a taste of how Cory might have lost his voice…

Tweet: It's not just about who's our president--it's about who we are. It's time for us to pull together. It's time for us to work together. And if we do these things, America will rise together. Join us:

While we were strolling through Concord, New Hampshire, we met a dog with a great sense of style and, importantly, unbeatable taste in presidential candidates.

Photo: Dog with a Cory Booker bandana

We had some jam-packed house parties filled with important questions and some pretty great hugs.

Photo: Cory and a supporter hugging in a crowded room.

And Cory even got to challenge some New Hampshire Young Democrats at PacMan. I can now tell you that Cory leads with love, but takes no prisoners when it comes to arcade games.

Photo: Cory playing PacMan.

Last but most definitely not least, Cory secured his most hard-fought endorsement yet from his now internet famous 99-year-old Aunt Alma in Iowa.

Photo: Cory and his Aunt Alma.

This campaign is all about individual people like you coming together for our common purpose, and we really felt that this weekend.
Thanks so much for having us. Can’t wait to do it all again,
Matt Klapper
Senior Advisor
Cory 2020
P.S. Everything we do (and every stop along these trips) is powered by donations from people like you. No corporate PACs or D.C. lobbyists — we’re building this the right way. Will you chip in?



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