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The passing of Justice Ginsburg is a loss to our country’s soul. During her tenure on the Supreme Court, she became part of the court’s fabric with brilliance and an always steady temperament. Her decisions were dictated by a keen analytical mind and secured protections for America’s populace. Justice Ginsburg is perhaps the only Supreme Court Justice in our nation’s history to become a pop-cultural icon through her work alone. 

Sadly, perhaps inevitably, her contributions are now somewhat overshadowed by the sobering reality of replacing her position on the court. Elections have consequences. That truth has been demonstrated more in the past four years than at any in history. The next president will choose the direction of the United States Supreme Court for the next five decades. This election is an election America can’t afford to lose.  

To celebrate Justice Ginsburg, mourn her loss, and preserve her legacy on the court, I am putting on an event that will feature renowned lawyers who argued before her. All donations will go to the Victory for Biden Fund. Fellow DNC member Laurence Zakson and Houston Barnes are also hosting the event.  

Don Verrilli was President Obama’s Solicitor General. Charged with representing the United States in litigation, he frequently argued before Justice Ginsburg and the Supreme Court’s other Justices. Once again, he will be arguing the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) before the Supreme Court in April. We are lucky to hear his thoughts.  

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky needs no introduction. He is respected as one of the foremost Constitutional Scholars globally and is currently the Dean of Berkeley Law School. Every lawyer recognizes his voice and his name. Dean Chemerinsky has appeared before the Supreme Court on numerous cases and always has a new insight.  

To sign up for this event, please go to and payment for the event can be made at

This moment in history requires us to act.  


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