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Women’s History Month
Celebrating District 1 Women!

Dr. Carole Goldsmith, Fresno City College President was honored as District 1 Woman of the Year by the City of Fresno, for her work over the last 20 years in education and her commitment to student excellence!

Dear Friends,

   Each March, we celebrate Women’s History Month by remembering and by teaching a new generation about the vital contributions that women have made to our society – from winning universal voting rights to keeping our economy moving during World War II. 

   Overtime, women’s presence in the work arena has grown.  Today, we have women that are elected officials, attorneys, business owners, teachers, and scientists. I admire the sacrifices and battles women have fought to bring equity among the genders.  It is because of the battles of women that came before me that I am the first woman to represent Fresno City Council District One and the first Latina to serve as Council President.

   This month we had the opportunity to honor not only the past achievements of American women but also recognize ordinary women in our City doing extraordinary work. Each of the women have and are making significant contributions to our local history. Most importantly, these women are leading the way for women that will come after them.  They are role models to our young girls and women. Congratulations on being honored!

Esmeralda Soria
Council President, City of Fresno
District 1

2018 Women of the Year Honorees

Dr. Carole Goldsmith
President, Fresno City College
Socorro Pelayo
Bus Driver, City of Fresno FAX Department
Shimeka Conway
Counselor, Central High School
Tammy Rinkenberger
Teacher, Cooper Academy Middle School
Sophie Jimenez
Student, Central High School
Susan Kodama
CEO, Healthy Smiles Mobile Dental Foundation
Adela Ruacho
Crossing Guard, Teague Elementary School
Courtney Sorensen
Chief Operations Officer, Fresno County Farm Bureau
Carmen Romero
Retired Attorney, Central California Legal Services
Alexandra Knudsen-Thornton 
Veterinarian, Waterhouse Animal Hospital


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