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The will of the people will prevail.

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It’s been a long four years.

And I’m going to ask you to do something I know seems impossible.

Wait. Just a little bit longer.

California Democrats are committed to tallying every single vote and ensuring every voice is counted in the most consequential election of our generation and we need you with us on this. Patience is key right now. Our democracy is strongest when every voice and vote is accounted for and this process simply takes time. With every hour that passes, our lead only increases and we already have some incredible victories to celebrate.

Just look at what we’ve accomplished! We executed a jaw dropping grassroots organizing program under unparalleled circumstances.

Together we:

  • Made over 16.3 million phone calls
  • Sent over 10.5 million text messages
  • Had conversations with 531,543 voters
  • Raised $1,120,515 from 3,597 individual donors
  • Recruited nearly 50,000 volunteer shifts for CA races and swing states

If you registered voters, phonebanked, donated a couple of bucks, textbanked, voted for the first time, supported our people-powered message online, sent our emails around to a few folks, joined a campaign, organized your community, if you played a part however small or big — I am so grateful for you.

If you’re still anxious about final results rolling in, here’s what you can do while we wait for the nation to make history:

Join California Democrats in demanding that every single vote be counted fairly and accurately before declaring a winner in the presidential election and in our critical congressional and ballot measure campaigns.

I am enormously hopeful, Michael. Biden wins in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin bode well, and we’re thrilled to have Captain Mark Kelly and John Hickenlooper advocate for us in the Senate.

We’ve got great news coming.

With nothing but California pride,


Rusty Hicks
California Democratic Party


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