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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



I’ve been leading Democratic national campaigns for 35 years from presidentials all the way down the ballot. When I heard Marianne’s presidential announcement speech, I knew I needed to join the campaign. As a friend in South Carolina said, “You can’t unhear what she says.” More than her ability to rouse a crowd, she articulates problems with such depth and precision in concert with real solutions.

Marianne Williamson is the 21st-century leader we need.

As Campaign Manager, I’m proud to share this with you: 

Everything about the Campaign, and for Marianne as an outsider and non-traditional candidate, is working.

Our crowds are getting bigger—doubling in size. Selfies in airports and coffee shops are constant. Networks and pundits want to hear how she describes the issues of the day and how to solve them.

The only signal working against us is that of the opaque DNC-designated polling process.

DNC polling cannot and should not be the primary determinant of who stays in the race.

The American people must decide. Do you stand with Marianne for a moral economy? Donate now.

Do you stand with Marianne for peace? Donate now

Do you stand with Marianne to make reparations for slavery and reparative measures toward Native Americans? Donate now

Do you stand with Marianne to address the humanitarian disaster of millions of traumatized children? Donate now

Marianne is a 21st-century leader and belongs in this primary.

If you stand with Marianne, please donate now

In service,
Patricia Ewing
Campaign Manager, Marianne 2020

p.s. In case you missed this in The New York Times Magazine this weekend:


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