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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


It’s time to have a real conversation about what’s at stake in the next month of this race, team.

When the DNC raised the threshold to make it to the debate stage in December, they put our campaign on the bubble. Each presidential candidate must have at least 200,000 individual donors (we’re less than 15,000 shy) — and hit 4% in at least four polls (we’re not there yet, either).

Our team has a plan to lock down Cory’s spot on that stage, but I’m not going to lie: This won’t be easy. It will take each of us doing our part.

If you’ve been waiting to make a donation to this campaign, now’s the time we need it most — chip in to help secure Cory’s spot in the December debate.

If we don’t make the cut for this round, let’s be honest: That debate will be missing a critical voice in this race.

Cory’s voice is all about unifying our party, not working to tear each other down. If he doesn’t make it to that stage, there won’t be someone up there talking about the importance of courageous empathy, or how we can tackle some of our biggest issues — from the racial wealth gap to the gun violence epidemic — by reminding people that we’re all in this together.

While other candidates fight it out over small policy differences, Cory knows that the only way we can beat Donald Trump and heal our country isn’t by attacking each other, it’s by recognizing that we need each other in order to succeed.

That’s a voice we need in this race, team. If you’re with Cory, then please make a donation to this campaign today and let’s get him on that stage.


Addisu Demissie
Campaign Manager
Cory 2020


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It’s time for leadership that can reignite our spirit of common purpose. That takes all of us.