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*** No candidate for Lt. Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***


For Immediate release
June 6, 2018
Contact: Dave Jacobson, (818) 943-2348
Maclen Zilber, (510) 508-9142
Jacobson & Zilber Strategies


LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA — On Tuesday evening, State Senator Ed Hernandez’s campaign to become the next Lieutenant Governor of California advanced to the November general election.

In a statement released following the primary results, Hernandez declared:

“I am beyond humbled by the groundswell of support that we have earned throughout this campaign for Lieutenant Governor. I am grateful to the teachers, nurses, firefighters, and countless working people who dedicated their time and efforts to help us fight for more access to healthcare, lower prescription drug costs, and affordable higher education.

“I’m proud of my working-class roots. Over the next five months, I will continue to travel the state advocating for better jobs for hard-working families across California. I congratulate my opponents on a race well-run, and I look forward to an impassioned contest of ideas in the general election. Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me on this journey.”

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