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We’ve sent a fair number of fundraising emails recently, so we thought it was important to let you know why these messages are so important to our campaign — especially right now.

TJ’s 2018 opponent David Valadao has officially filed to run again in CA-21. You may recall that TJ’s win was the closest House race in the state. Despite being written off by the pundits, and being outspent by super PACs, a groundswell of grassroots momentum carried us to victory.

But here’s the truth: we’re not going to catch David Valadao off guard again. In fact, Washington Republicans have promised him even more special interest cash and establishment support this time. Vice President Mike Pence has even lent his early support.

The first week after Valadao’s filing will likely be his most lucrative, and we expect he’ll soon announce how much early funding he’s received. It’s so important that we send a message that our grassroots team is prepared to go toe-to-toe with the special interests lined up behind him. That’s why we need to ask:

Can you chip in $10 to help us counter Valadao’s special interest support? We set a goal of generating as many donations as possible to prove we have the resources to keep this seat blue.

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The overwhelming majority of the donations we receive come in on emails just like this one — from lots of supporters across California who believe in our shared progressive vision: Health care access for all, fair wages, and bold climate action.

That’s a far cry from the way Valadao funded his campaign. He took hundreds of thousands of dollars from big pharma, the oil and gas industry, and the NRA.

That should tell you all you need to know about where Valadao’s allegiances lie. And it should also serve as a reminder of what’s at stake if we fall behind early.

With Valadao back in the race, we need to show that we’re as energized as ever to defend our win and keep CA-21 blue. If you can, chip in $10 today.

Thanks for your support,

Team TJ


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