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Donald Trump will mark 100 days in office tomorrow — and we’ll celebrate 100 days of resistance. Help us keep fighting by becoming a Founding Donor to our 100 Day Resistance Fund:


Michael —

A lot of folks have been talking about giving Donald Trump a failing grade for the first hundred days of his presidency.

Well, if he were in one of my classes, I’d give him an “incomplete.”

Donald made a lot of promises about what he’d do in his first 100 days. “A contract between Donald J. Trump and the American voter,” he called it. If it were a real legal contract, the voters could have taken him to court by now.

He promised to help out middle-class families, but on his first day in office he made it harder for folks to buy their first home. He talked a big game about how he’d “drain the swamp,” and then he filled his administration with lobbyists and put together a Cabinet straight out of a Wall Street boardroom — what could be swampier?

And let’s not even get into his attendance record, Michael. Ducking out nearly every weekend for a taxpayer-funded trip to a Trump-owned resort? Spending about one-fifth of his presidency at his own golf courses? Give me a break.

When you don’t complete the assignment, you have to pay the price. For Donald, that’s us holding him accountable and beating the GOP.

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