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Democratic Association of Secretaries of State

President Trump angrily tweeted that Democrats “cannot legitimately win” the 2020 presidential election after Democrats in Congress began several investigations into Trump’s corruption.

We’ve seen Trump resort to lies and desperate tactics before. He cast doubt throughout 2016 about the legitimacy of the election. It’s what he does when he’s under fire.

And now in real news, Homeland Security officials warn that Russia is preparing an onslaught of disinformation operations ahead of the 2020 election –– something that Trump must be giddy over.

Trump has refused to acknowledge Russian interference in the 2016 election, let alone hold Putin accountable. By failing to stand up for American democracy, Trump has sent the message to our adversaries around the world that there are no consequences for targeting our 2020 elections.

Democratic Secretaries of State are fighting back against Trump’s election lies and fortifying our elections against attacks. Will you pitch in $3 now and become a 2019 DASS Member to help us expand the number of Democratic Secretaries across the country? We need 75 new members to pitch in before midnight!

This is why electing Democratic Secretaries of State is so important: Democratic Secretaries are on the front lines, protecting the integrity of our elections from threats both foreign and domestic.

Democratic Secretaries of State are also fighting to strengthen voting rights and increase voter turnout, while Republicans are doing everything they can to suppress voters.

DASS is the only Democratic organization solely dedicated to electing Democratic Secretaries of State. And with Secretary of State elections coming up THIS YEAR, we need your urgent support.

Will you become a 2019 DASS Member by pitching in $3 or more today? Your membership donation gives us the resources to build winning Democratic campaigns and increase the number of Democratic Secretaries of State across the country. Please pitch in now >>>

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Thank you,

Alex Padilla
California Secretary of State
Chair, Democratic Association of Secretaries of State



DASS is a national organization supporting the election of Democratic Secretaries of State who are committed to protecting and preserving voting rights and ballot access for all Americans through fair, honest, open, and accurate elections.

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