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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



With every day that Devin Nunes spends in Congress, he becomes more and more entrenched in the Trump administration. After allegedly revealing classified information, he found himself the subject of an ethics investigation and resigned from the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation, which has become nothing short of a crisis for American democracy. Still, Nunes continues to derail the investigation, insisting on signing all subpoenas, issuing those subpoenas without telling his Democratic colleagues, threatening the Attorney General and FBI Director, and suggesting to donors at a May 2017 dinner in Tulare that the Russia investigation was just a way to justify Hillary Clinton’s loss. It is clear that despite ‘stepping down,’ Devin Nunes is still heavily involved in supporting Donald Trump through this investigation.

District 22 deserves a Congressman who believes in protecting democracy and maintaining free and fair elections.

Uncovering the truth about Russia’s role in our 2016 elections is critical, and we deserve better than Devin Nunes’ constant missteps in this investigation. Devin Nunes spends his time in Congress defending Donald Trump, but where has his support been for the working families in the Valley? After his votes to dismantle Affordable Care Act protections, it is clear that he is working for Trump rather than working for his constituents.

If elected, I pledge to truly be your representative in Congress. From supporting a comprehensive probe into Russia’s election involvement to protecting our healthcare system, reforming our immigration system, and bringing good jobs back to the Valley, I am devoted to this Central Valley and fighting for its constituents.

But I can’t do it alone. If you’re with me in my fight to unseat Devin Nunes, please consider donating today.


– Rico