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Amy for America
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Hey there — I’m Amy’s daughter, Abigail.

This Mother’s Day, I was reminded of something my mom taught me growing up.

When I was three, I was asked to play an angel in our church’s Christmas service. And despite that stellar role (particularly compared to the two boys who got assigned to wear a donkey suit), when I found out I started sobbing. My mom asked me what was wrong, and I explained that I couldn’t be an angel because I couldn’t fly. 

“Abigail,” she said. “Not all angels fly.” 

My mom taught me that lesson, not only that day in words but in actions. She inspires me every day to do good, be courageous, speak up, and (of course) make people laugh.

It’s not always easy sharing your mom with the entire country, but every time I see her speak about what she believes in, I remember what makes her such an amazing mother — and, now, a candidate for President. She reminds people that they can fly. And then they do. 

This Mother’s Day, what I really want to get my mom is even more support from across the country for her campaign, and what she believes in. 

Donate $1 now and we’ll send you a bumper sticker — and you can help me wish my mom a happy Mother’s Day!