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Donald Trump has launched his effort to dismantle the Clean Power Plan. But California can fight back: Urge your state senator to support 100% clean energy.



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Today, Donald Trump continued his assault on our environment by signing an executive order to gut the Clean Power Plan.

This is bad news for our health, climate, and economy. Initiated by President Obama, the Clean Power Plan was designed as a commonsense way for the U.S. to reduce harmful carbon pollution from power plants and encourage the development of clean energy.

By sabotaging the Clean Power Plan, Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt are throwing America’s health and economy out the window to make corporate polluters even richer. If Trump and Pruitt get their way, American families will pay the price.

If fully implemented, the Clean Power Plan would have substantial public health and economic benefits, including:

  • Preventing 90,000 asthma attacks each year;
  • Saving 3,600 lives and preventing 1,700 heart attacks each year;
  • Reaping up to $34 billion in health benefits from reduced exposure to fine particulates and ozone pollution;
  • Saving Americans $155 billion on their energy bills.

Accelerating the transition to clean energy will also create up to two million jobs by 2050.

That’s why California needs to fight back. State Senate leader Kevin de León has proposed a new clean electricity standard for California. With Senate Bill 584, our state will generate 100 percent of our electricity from clean sources by 2045. If we pass SB 584 in California, we will go beyond the Clean Power Plan to achieve even greater health benefits, create more jobs, and cut more pollution, even as Trump attempts to hold our country back.

Urge your state senator to support Senate Bill 584.

With Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt waging an all-out war on our environment, California’s environmental leadership is more crucial than ever.

Together, we can show Trump and Pruitt that we won’t let them hurt our health and economy — and that clean energy is the path to a more prosperous future.

Send a message to your state senator.

Thanks for speaking up.

Tom Steyer
NextGen Climate