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Kamala Harris

I wasn’t planning to email you today, but President Trump is once again about to do the unthinkable and it’s going to require all of us to mobilize and stop him. This is important.

Apparently, the Trump White House is demanding Senate Republicans schedule another vote on Trumpcare, and they are holding the health coverage of millions of Americans hostage to do it.

Under the Affordable Care Act, President Trump has the authority to cancel the monthly funding payments that ACA recipients rely on to reduce the cost of their health care — and he’s using this funding as a heartless bargaining chip with the Republicans.

Either they fall in line (again), or Trump will send ACA markets into chaos, threatening care even for those who don’t require financial assistance.

Tell Trump: Don’t you dare cancel funding for ACA recipients who rely on these funds to cover the cost of their health care. Instead, quit attacking the Affordable Care Act and work with us to ensure every American has access to quality and affordable health care.


Our response to this threat must be swift and powerful. It’s time to come together once again to send an unmistakable message to Trump and his advisors about where the American people stand, just as we did days ago when we defeated the Senate GOP’s health care bill.

Democracy is designed to yield to the voices of the people — so let’s shout, let’s march, and yes, let’s tweet. Let’s do what it takes to defeat this (and any) threats against our care coming out of this immoral White House. Tell Trump that canceling funding for ACA recipients is dangerous, callous, and just plain cruel. Add your name today.

Thank you for continuing to stay vigilant in defending our health care. Keep up the fight and stay engaged.

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California