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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Alex Padilla

Donald Trump should fire Kris Kobach and disband his sham election commission completely. But if yesterday’s meeting is any indication – we know he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Here’s just two lowlights from yesterday’s meeting:

First, Kris Kobach was caught lying about his allegations of voter fraud in New Hampshire by a fellow member of Trump’s commission.

Second, the commission entertained a proposal to require a full background check before a United States citizen can cast a ballot. This would destroy voting rights in America. Did Kobach push back? No.

And this is only their second meeting! This has quickly gone from bad to dangerous.

Kobach is showing us once again why he is considered the “king of voter suppression.” His discrimination and voter suppression rap sheet includes:

  • Continuous baseless voter fraud claims, pushing one of the country’s most restrictive voting measures in Kansas, and being sued repeatedly for his voter suppression efforts;
  • Proposing to amend the National Voter Registration Act to make it harder for eligible Americans to register to vote;
  • Creating the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck program which has purged eligible voters in 27 states from voter rolls, jeopardizing their right to vote;
  • Working for the Federation for American Immigration Reform — a group identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “radical fringe organization”;
  • Is now on Steve Bannon’s payroll at Breitbart, while serving as Secretary of State, as co-chair of the fraud commission and running for Governor of Kansas.

Earlier this week, I asked you to stand with me to call on members of the commission to resign. But if Trump won’t fire Kobach and the commissioners won’t resign, we will continue to be vigilant.

It’s up to us to resist. Share this graphic on Facebook and Twitter to let Kobach and Trump know that we will keep fighting their voter suppression agenda.




As Americans, we have a responsibility to increase voter participation, not stifle it. Our future as a democracy requires it.


Thank you for taking action today,


Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State