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Introducing OutreachCircle. 
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As a Democratic party activist, you probably already know that canvassing and phone banking are the cornerstones of organizing — but did you know that there’s something even more effective at getting out the vote?

Introducing relational organizing: using the power of your relationships to get the people you know to vote. Studies show that friends or family members contacting a voter is 5-10x more effective in getting them to vote than a stranger.

The California Democratic Party is proud to introduce OutreachCircle, an app that makes relational organizing easier than ever before. Get started today to harness the power of your network and help ensure every California Democrat votes NO on the recall by September 14.
Here’s how it works:
  1. You identify every voter you know in OutreachCircle.
  2. Instead of getting a call, text or email from a stranger, you have conversations with the people in your network to get them out to vote.
  3. You ask your network to join OutreachCircle and contact the people they know.
  4. The campaign uses traditional calls, texts and canvasses to fill in the gaps.

Simple as that. CADEM is hosting a friend-banking and OutreachCircle training session tonight to get as many people started with relational organizing as possible! Michael, can we count on you to join tonight’s friend-banking? With less than two weeks to go before election day, we need all hands on deck to get out the vote. 

Thank you for joining in on the fight. Every call, email, and text helps defeat the recall and keep California a blue state.

– Onward!
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