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Hey there,

Happy Fourth of July!

We’re hoping that wherever you are, the weather is good, the sun is shining, and you’ve got everything you need for a good BBQ, fireworks show, or anything else you’re doing to celebrate (like a quiet night at home, just re-reading the Declaration of Independence).

Maybe, at one of those BBQs, you’ll run into some people you don’t see too often. Like your cousin, uncle, or a friend of a friend.

Well, every conversation is a great opportunity to talk about Elizabeth and the grassroots movement we’re building together! You could mention how…

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  • She knows how the American economy is stacked against working families, and that’s why she went to Washington to lead the fight to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has already put $12 billion directly in the pockets of people who were cheated by financial institutions.
  • She’s committed to fighting for big structural change, and she’ll fight as hard for you as for her own family.

Happy Fourth!!

Team Warren







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