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Beto for America


We’ll get right to it.

The good news is that volunteers have already had direct conversations with people all over the country about Beto’s positive vision. Our campaign was first to launch a voter contact program, right out of the gate.

The bad news is that other candidates in this race have well-funded super PACs spending in their favor. That money can help them reach huge numbers of people in a short amount of time via television ads, and other expensive tactics.

We’re running this campaign differently. The way we’re going to win this election will come down to people-talking-to-people about our shared values and ambitions. But talking to each person takes time, so we need your help.

If one out of every ten people reading this email can commit to knocking on 50 doors now, we’ll be in good shape for this point in the race. Can you sign up to knock on doors in your neighborhood at a time that works for you? (50 doors usually takes about two hours)

Knock on doors for Beto »

(If you can’t knock on doors, please pitch in $3 to our voter contact program. Every donation helps grow our field team and keeps our powerful organizing tools running.)

Tons of people are still making up their minds about who to vote for. But knocking on doors is incredibly important at this stage. Right now, our primary objective is to identify potential supporters and the issues they care about. The info we gather now is critical so we can reach out later with key updates and keep the conversation going with undecided people.

Look, two hours is a small part of one day — but if all of us do our share, we can accomplish something truly amazing.

Thank you for being part of this,

Team Beto



 To contribute via check, please address to Beto for America campaign, P.O. Box 3628 El Paso, TX 79923.