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*** Jessica Morse has been endorsed for CD-4 by the CDP ***

Campaign Overview:

Jessica Morse recently won her primary in Californa’s 4th Congressional district which includes Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and California’s Gold Country.

The current representative of CA-04, Tom McClintock, is a tea-party conservative and climate change denier whose proposals include commercializing Yosemite and clear-cutting Tahoe. McClintock doesn’t even live in the district.

A 5th-generation Northern Californian and a devoted public servant, Jessica spent a decade serving her country around the world as a national security strategist, working for the Defense Department, State Department, and USAID, including a year and a half in Baghdad at the height of the war. Having worked on the federal budget and with Congress, Jessica has a proven record of getting things done in Washington. She understands the needs of her community and our country. From a large Republican family in the district, Jessica has spent her life messaging effectively across the aisle. She is building a coalition of community leaders across the political spectrum who are eager for a representative in Congress who will champion solutions to community problems.

Our hard work, early organizing, and competitive fundraising are paying off. Jessica has raised over $1 million — out-raising the incumbent and making national headlines. Our race has been added to the DCCC’s target list, is one of OFA’s target districts, increased in Cook Report rating, is listed as one of LATimes’ top 10 flippable CA races. Jessica has secured the endorsement from the California Democratic Party and leaders like Reps. Brownley, DeSaulnier, Lofgren, Huffman, Khanna, and Swalwell and is one of the Arena candidates. Jessica mobilized volunteers to reach out to voters across all ten counties including a crew of students who knocked on doors and contacted voters throughout the district. Our volunteers have reached out to over 65,000 voters in the last two months. Jessica herself knocked on over 1,000 doors — she even ran into a bear while canvassing!

In the recent primary, McClintock’s vulnerability is apparent.  With over 200,000 ballots cast, the district had a higher voter turnout than in previous mid-terms and one of the highest voter turnouts in the state.  For the primary, Jessica’s campaign targeted Democrats who vote in primaries (not independents or republicans) and still, McClintock dropped from 63% to 51.8% of primary voters. Jessica beat McClintock outright in two of the ten counties. Jessica’s strong showing among the 5 challengers is due to her strength as a candidate, her strong campaign operations and her appeal across voters in the District.

Learn more about Jessica’s campaign here. Jessica is one of the ten Arena candidates — listen to her podcast interview here. See what the press is saying about her here.

You can also take a look at Jessica’s first commercial here:


Support our campaign efforts here.