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When Republicans couldn’t get 60 votes to confirm Neil Gorsuch, they should have gotten a new nominee. Instead, they changed the rules.

I’m with Tom — it’s high time to get Donald Trump’s Republican allies out of the Senate and elect a Democratic majority that won’t appease his anti-working family agenda.

I know 2018 sounds like it’s a long way away, but the reality is that this campaign has already started — and I guarantee the GOP is going to do everything they can to hold on to their power.

In fact, just a few hours after Mitch McConnell invoked the “nuclear option,” Republicans announced that they raised $53 million in the first three months of 2017 for the Republican National Committee and Donald Trump’s re-election campaign (yes, that’s already happening too).

Some of that $53 million probably came in big checks from billionaire donors and special interests, but a lot of it was grassroots support. So if we’re going to take on Republicans and win, Democrats have to match it.

We can’t do it without you, Michael — chip in $10 or more and let’s take back the Senate:



———- Forwarded message ———-
Sender: Tom Perez
Date: Thu, Apr 6, 2017
Subject: Republicans just went nuclear

Friend —

Senate Republicans just went nuclear. And the American people are their collateral damage.

When the Senate gaveled in this morning, Neil Gorsuch did not have the 60 votes needed to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. But rather than changing the candidate and finding someone worthy to sit on the Court — someone who isn’t indebted to corporations or billionaire backers, someone who believes in protecting the rights of workers, women, and LGBT people — they decided to invoke the “nuclear option” and confirmed him to a lifetime appointment on a 51-vote Republican majority.

If you’re asking yourself “can they really do that?” — the answer is yes, they can and they just did.

Frankly, I’ve had enough of Republicans abusing the power of their majority — so let’s throw them out. Pitch in $10 or whatever you can to help elect Democrats and take back the Senate. I know we can do it, but we need to get started right now.

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Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee