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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

My plan to put more money in your pocket.
So many Americans find themselves with more month at the end of their money than money at the end of their month. The cost of everything — from rent to prescription drugs to childcare — seems to be going up, but wages are virtually flat.
The truth of the matter is, right now, we have a tax system that is unfair to workers — and this administration is working hard to make it even worse for everyone other than the wealthiest Americans and the biggest companies.
I’ve had enough of President Trump’s idea that if we give the richest among us tax breaks, then somehow that’s going to help us all. It’s nonsense.
I have a plan to cut taxes for more than half of all Americans. The Rise Credit would benefit millions of working and middle class people, not just the wealthy few.
I could nerd out on you pretty quickly, but the gist of the plan is this: The Rise Credit would put up to $8,000 into the pockets of working Americans, cutting poverty by one-third and helping folks deal with the rising cost of living. Unlike the current tax code, the Rise Credit would also benefit low-income students and caregivers — because traditional wage earners aren’t the only Americans who are working hard to support their families and find new avenues to opportunity.
And for those who think it would be too expensive: This is something we can pay for almost entirely by changing the way we tax investment income. Because it’s unconscionable that hedge fund managers can pay a lower percentage of their income in taxes than their secretaries.
I’m tired of hearing from some of my Republican colleagues that we can’t do anything to stop working and middle-class Americans from falling farther behind — that we can’t do anything to fix our very real, and growing, income inequality crisis. I won’t stand for that talk, especially when those folks just passed a huge, irresponsible tax cut that was designed to build wealth for the very richest Americans.
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