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Our nation is at an important inflection point right now. Significant demographic changes. A growing awareness of and need to tear down systems built on racism, and rebuild them better and fairer. A reckoning of our shared history and what it means for our present and future. And a president that invited foreign interference in our last election and is actively trying to suppress the vote in our next one. 

It has never been more important to protect and strengthen our democracy and to engage an expanded and diverse group of voters. Here’s how you can help: 

1. Register to vote. Eligible residents in California can get registered in just a few clicks here. (If you live outside of California, visit 

2. Think you’re already registered? Double check and make sure everything’s correct. Especially if you’ve moved recently, changed your party affiliation, or changed your name. And remember to include an email address so you receive timely updates and reminders. 

3. Check in with three people and ask them if they’re registered. If they’re unsure, send them the links above! Don’t forget that 16- and 17-year-olds can pre-register to vote. 

4. Talk about it and be about it. Familiarize yourself with election resources here or at your county registrar’s website and share information wherever you can. You’d be surprised how often questions come up in person and online. By being a well-informed neighbor, you can help knock down the barriers that could keep someone from voting. 

That last call-to-action is critically important. As you may know, to protect the health and safety of voters and election workers this fall, we are sending a mail-in ballot to every active registered voter in California this year. Counties will have different options for in-person early voting. And we’ll have public health measures in place at voting locations on and before Election Day. This will take some getting used to — especially for voters who are used to walking in to a polling place on Election Day. 

The strength of our democracy depends on having a well-informed and well-prepared electorate and making sure that voting is accessible, secure, and safe. My office is doing our part. And we’re asking you to do yours. 

Thank you for your commitment,

Alex Padilla 

California Secretary of State