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February 6, 2019


Democratic County Chair Comments on SOTU


We appreciate President Donald Trump’s call for unity in the State of the Union address and hope that he will move forward working jointly with Congress to solve the country’s many problems.

We are, however, disappointed in his continuing obsession with a southern border wall and the lies he tells to support that position. A border wall is unnecessary, racist and ineffective; moreover, the only discussions about a border wall should be with the Mexican government¾not the U.S. Congress or the American people—as per Trump’s own assurances throughout his campaign for the presidency.

This State of the Union address was also marked by what it did not include. Trump did not address the continuing influence of Russia on his administration’s policies, climate change, clean drinking water for every American, accessible and affordable healthcare for everyone, comprehensive immigration reform (a real solution to border concerns), voter protection (protecting democracy) or gun violence.

—Michael D. Evans, Chair, Fresno County Democratic Party


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