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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Wells Fargo just admitted signing up hundreds of thousands of customers for auto-loan insurance they didn’t want or need.

Many had their cars repossessed and watched their credit scores plummet.

But if you expected Wells Fargo to announce they would root out the people responsible for yet another example of massive fraud and corruption at their company — you’d be very disappointed.

It’s time for Wells Fargo to take responsibility for changing their corrupt corporate culture, so this doesn’t happen again.

I’m calling on Wells Fargo to begin a full, transparent investigation and fire the executives responsible for their latest scandal. Will you join me?

As I said back in October, shortly after the last time Wells Fargo was exposed for creating thousands upon thousands of costly, unwanted accounts:

Fraud is fraud.

As state treasurer, I told Wells Fargo that I would suspend their participation in California’s most profitable financial transactions as a means of pressuring the company to pursue real reforms.

Soon after, former CEO John Stumpf was ousted from the company, but I’m not satisfied that one person was responsible for an entire culture of corruption that continues to cost hard-working Californians their fortunes, their homes, their cars, and their futures — and you shouldn’t be either.

Help me build pressure on Wells Fargo to root out fraud and corruption once and for all. Add your name now.