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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Franco for Congress: Bold Democratic leadership to unseat Devin Nunes

My name is Ricardo “Rico” Franco and I’m a Fresno native, fourth-generation American, and businessman passionate about improving our local community. Growing up in Fresno, I’ve seen the boundless potential of our region and the resilience of its residents, but I’ve also seen the failure of politicians in Washington to represent our community. After college, I returned to Fresno to grow businesses and hire workers at home and nationally into good, stable jobs. Now, I’m running for Congress because I believe that District 22 deserves true representation: a Congressman who is honest, community-focused, and a fearless fighter for justice.

I believe in our community, but I also know that we need someone in Congress working to support all of its residents. It’s no secret that the Central Valley is strengthened by the hardworking immigrants that grow our vibrant communities. That’s why I believe in compassionate, comprehensive immigration reform, from protecting DACA to rejecting Donald Trump’s plan for an expensive and ineffectual border wall. In light of recent debates over the future of the Affordable Care Act, unlike our current Congressman Devin Nunes, I believe that healthcare is a human right and fully support Medicare for All. As a businessman, I know the importance of bringing good, stable jobs back to the Valley and growing our local economy. Our growing community is seeing more economic opportunity than ever, and I want to make sure that this district becomes a thriving economic hub.

For fifteen years, Central Valley residents have been disappointed by Devin Nunes’ failed leadership in Congress. I’m here to shake up the establishment and represent the inspiring folks in this community: their grit, their greatness, and their genuine need to change “politics as usual.” I’ve stood with the residents of District 22 for years, from the boardroom to rallies. I hope that you’ll stand with me in turning the tide in this district towards justice, representation, and opportunity, because I can’t do it alone.

If you’re interested in joining our movement, take a look at my website, where you can learn more about my stances on the issues, sign up to volunteer, donate to the campaign, or contact me directly. I hope to hear from you soon, and I can’t wait to make change together.

– Rico

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