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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

I’m on a personal mission right now to recruit as many founding donors to our campaign as I can before our March fundraising deadline.
The reason is simple: Whoever shows up to build this campaign in these first critical weeks will determine so much about this campaign’s trajectory and how far we can go together.
I believe with everything I’ve got that this is a moment in America when we must rise above the hate, the divisiveness, and the petty politics. We have to help people recognize that we all need each other, and when we come together to address our common pain with a common purpose, we can achieve things that were once thought to be impossible.
That’s what this campaign is all about. And I can tell you there isn’t another out there quite like ours.
But none of this works if it’s just me. The only way we win is if people like you show up, take a chance, and invest in this big idea alongside me. We’re not playing the special interests’ game — we don’t take donations from corporate PACs or D.C. lobbyists.
So in this moment, the days leading up to our March FEC deadline, I’m counting on you more than I ever have before.
The people who chip in to build this before the end of the month will always be the founders of this campaign, and this is the opportunity to count yourself among the select few who are getting our campaign off the ground — will you make a donation today?
I couldn’t be more grateful for your help.
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It’s time for leadership that can reignite our spirit of common purpose. That takes all of us.