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Whether it is TIME magazine, Politico, CNN, New York Times, or more, one thing is for sure: Andrew Yang is everywhere right now.
Last year, no one believed he could win this election. Today, he’s polling above sitting mayors, senators, and governors, and our numbers are particularly high in the early primary states. This is before most Americans are introduced to Andrew at the end of June in the first Democratic debates.
This momentum just tells us what we have known all along. We can win Iowa. We can sweep the early states. We can take this all the way to the White House.
But only if we keep pushing. 

Make a $5 contribution today and help us make sure that this campaign has what it needs going into the debates next month.

There’s one more interesting thing I want to share with you. The DNC announced the qualifications for the second round of debates, and we couldn’t have asked for better news. The next round requires 2%+ in four polls after the first round of debates, and 130,000 individual donors.
If we maintain our strength in the early state polling, we should have no problem hitting the polling target. As for the donor target, our Yang Gang donors have put us well on the way to hitting that second target—when some other candidates haven’t even hit the 65k for the first debates!

We are just getting started. Contribute $5 today to help us keep this momentum.

Zach Graumann
Campaign Manager, Yang2020




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