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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Endorse Dan Weitzman for Controller of the CA Democratic Party 

The Fem Dems of Sacramento respectfully urge you to support Dan Weitzman for Controller of the CA Democratic Party. Dan’s countless years of leadership within the CDP are best observed on the local level.  The Fem Dems acknowledge that fundraising can be a huge barrier for women and communities of color to successfully run for office. We continually seek to empower our membership to gain these skills so we can recruit viable Democratic and feminist candidates. To that end, Dan has not only served as mentor to members of our club, but actively participates in club activities year-round. Through educational fundraising training seminars Dan has been an immense ally to the Fem Dems leadership and membership.

As the next Controller of the CA Democratic Party, we know Dan will be innovative in his approach to growing the Party’s finances. He wants to build an app that local clubs and county parties can utilize in their own fundraising operations. He has pledged to go to any county or local club and help them with localized fundraising strategy meetings and most importantly, he will ensure 100% transparency of all CDP funds. Dan will continue the Donate Every Month program which has helped the party grow from consistent small contributions since its’ inception. Dan also understands the daily responsibilities working mothers and fathers have to deal with and how this prevents their full participation in party activities. That is why he will help create a low-or-no cost childcare program for all CDP E-board meetings and conventions.


Please join the Fem Dems of Sacramento in supporting Dan Weitzman for Controller of the CA Democratic Party. Democrats of California deserve no less. Thank you.


The Fem Dems of Sacramento Executive Board

To endorse Dan, please fill out the form on his website.

To contribute to Dan’s campaign, please visit his fundraising page.