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As a campaign, we have tremendous respect for Senator Dianne Feinstein’s decades of service in the U.S. Senate.

But in this moment, and with Trump as our president, we must put forward our most progressive, passionate voices.

That’s why the news out of last weekend’s convention — that the party would not endorse their incumbent Senator — was so earth-shattering.
Just look at the headlines:

“Feinstein loses California Democratic Party’s endorsement”

—The Washington Post

“In Blow to Dianne Feinstein, California Democrats Won’t Endorse Senate Run”

—The New York Times

“California Democrats’ snub of party icon Dianne Feinstein could be a speed bump — or a signal”

—The Los Angeles Times

If you’re ready to send a powerful new leader and California Values to Washington, DC, chip in to Kevin’s campaign.

One of the reasons Senator Feinstein didn’t receive the endorsement, according to folks at the convention, was her lack of presence at California Democratic events throughout the year.

“But the senator from San Francisco is not a frequent presence at state party events, a point raised often over the weekend. ‘We have not seen her in 25 years,’ Latino caucus chairman Carlos Alcala said to hoots from the audience after Feinstein chose not to address their meeting.”

As Senate President and a product of San Diego, Kevin will never forget where he came from or who he is. And that means he’ll always have our backs.

Have Kevin’s back by contributing whatever you can afford to keep our campaign’s momentum going:

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