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As a father, I’m still heartbroken thinking about the tragedy that struck our neighbors in Gilroy, CA. Families went out to enjoy a long-running community festival. They never thought for a second they’d be running for their lives and shielding loved ones. And then a few days later, the same thing happened in El Paso and Dayton.

Enough is enough.

I’m tired of the “thoughts and prayers” rhetoric we get from bought-out politicians. And I’m fed up with the inaction from the Senate. Back in February, I proudly voted for a House bill that expanded background checks on all gun sales and transfers. That bill passed with bipartisan support. But that bill, sadly, is still languishing on Mitch McConnell’s desk today.

If that’s not bad enough, it’s likely that I’ll be running against someone who will contribute even more to the gridlock when it comes to commonsense gun reforms. David Valadao took $50,000 from the NRA.

Michael — we are in the middle of a national crisis that needs a swift, national response. The truth is, we can bring an end to the brutality that’s tearing communities and families across the country apart. But that’s impossible if we keep electing politicians who refuse to recognize the problem we face.

I will work with anyone to enact gun safety legislation that we all know will save lives. But I cannot say the same for my likely opponent.

They say in politics, money talks. If that’s the case, then Valadao’s friends at the NRA are screaming this week. And you can bet he’s listening to every word.

TJ Cox



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